All in one Real Estate Solution

Real Estate Plus provides to her clients a full packaged real estate solution. All realestate solutions in one place.

Property Purchase & Sales

Property Management

Property Rentals

Real Estate Advice & Counseling

Professional packing & Loading

Construction & Renovation

Property Management

Do you have a property/properties and you are having problems managing these it.them? Maybe because you are not available on site to manage it yourself

Are you tired of caretakers, family member not taking good care of your property?

Real Estate Plus provides real estate solutions. We are professionals in property management. We handle the day-to-day activities of your property, maintain your property, manage tenants. In all these, we seek to maintain TRUST, INTERGRITY and PROFFESIONALISM with our clients.

Property Rentals

Real Estate plus has a database of over a thousand real estate listings (houses, guest house, hotels, motels) for rent. With no efforts at all, you can find your dream house or property that suits your needs.

Hundreds of people come through our office and our website looking for houses, hotel and guest houses to occupy. This may be your potential tenants who are ready to rent your house at your terms and conditions.

Buy and Sell Properties

Are you a land or house owner and you are looking to sell? We provide to you an opportunity to sell your property very fast with less efforts. Know on how we go about it.

Do you need a land or a house to buy? All properties under our listings is VERIFIED and ensured for availability, ownership and completeness. All legal processes involved in property acquisition are taking cared of. searche properties unders our listings which are ideal for you.


Construction & Renovation

Are you looking for professional construction management? We manage construction of houses. Contact us for more details.

Are you moving in to another house or you own a property and you are seeking to do some renovations or some adjustment in your house? We offer the best and state of the arts renovation services. Contact us for more details.

Professional Packing & Relocation

Sometimes moving to a new location or to a new house may pose a great stress to many and with little or no professional loading and transfer services, the process becomes more daunting.

Real Estate Plus #1 in professional packing and relocation services. With care and diligence, we handle our client property. We put everything together from your old location to your new home.

Real Estate Advice & Counseling

Are you wondering if you are making the right move on a realestate deal, or you are having a hard time figuring out what to do about a property you want to purchase?

Visit Real Estate Plus and we will give you the right counsel you need. We are EXPERTS in the real estate industry – We are KNOW the right ANSWER to your challenge.

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